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Our multi-lingual Researchers provide critical support to our Consultants; helping them to identify key Talent and passive candidates for executive search assignments. We also utilise these skills and expertise to offer a range of tailored and project-based Research solutions to provide Insight and Intelligence and optimise our clients' understanding of talent pipelines and markets.

Using a range of research tools and methodologies, we are able to map the organisation landscape of target companies - your competitors or key players in your market. We'll identify organisation structures, senior individuals, locations, job role content and career paths.

  • Example One: An FMCG company looking to increase its market share in a particular sales channel wanted to reach an informed decision on the investment it would need to make in building a team to achieve its goal. We mapped the organisation structures of companies already operating in the sector; team structures, job roles, salaries etc and also gathered data on their commercial strategy and performance.
  • Example Two: A major household-name brand owner with an ambitious growth agenda felt its innovation strategy was compromised because it had no succession in place for a critical senior, specialist role. Our task was to identify the relevant executives and their deputies in a range of competitor organisations. We produced career profiles for them and also identified those who were recognised to be Top Talent in the sector.
  • Example Three: A UK company was looking to enter some new international markets. Our major mapping project across four markets identified the key players; their teams and resources, and their strategies for market growth. This information was incorporated into the Business Plan and supported the business case for additional resources

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