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Our Career Coaching and Executive Coaching services are based on our shared and strongly held passion and belief that Talent is inherent in everyone and that one-to-one Coaching can be the key to facilitating high performance and the fulfilment of potential in each of us.

Career Coaching is a natural marriage of our recruitment and coaching expertise.  It is proving invaluable to many at the moment and is often used in Outplacement scenarios to help Executives plan and achieve career moves.

For many of our clients, a tailored one-to-one Coaching Programme is a highly effective tool to nurture and develop potential - often alongside more formal Development Programmes.

For us, Coaching is a natural extension of our Search and Talent Sourcing work.  We see it as two complimentary sides of the same coin.

  • As a Search business, we identify and engage Top Talent & Emerging Talent
  • As Coaches, we also help organisations and individuals to energise and unlock potential & capability; delivering enhanced performance or achieving career goals.

Our approach to Coaching fits like the perfect glove with our approach to Search & Resourcing and our inherent values flow through both Practices. If asked to describe our approach we’d use words and phrases like ‘tailored from scratch’ ‘focused on you, the Client’ ‘high touch’ – and if asked to articulate our values, it would be all about ‘partnering & support’ ‘delivering shared goals’ ‘gold-standard service’ ‘building a shared passion.

Our Coaching Practice is made up of skilled and experienced Executive Coaches – whose expertise is underpinned by a portfolio of psychometrics to build insight, and a range of creative tools and Coaching best-practice techniques for delivery.

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  • First 90 Days’ Coaching: helping internally promoted people ‘step up’ to a new role, and external hires ‘bed in’ to new companies and positions